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I got my shades on ♡

Im in a good mood today, as today is the day when i got my new acquisition hehe 
Emblem Eyewear and I, are going to rock this summer! Working together and creating inspiring looks with these coolest shades on! Check out their website:

 HERE & you gotta buy a pair, or two, or three! You can never have enough of sunglasses, so buy as many as you want, specially when the price is just a sweet candy you can't resist! And since there are around 92 days of summer ahead of us, sunglasses will be on 24/7! 
Here are the three i chose! This time was an experiment since my face is a weird face and its very hard to find sunglasses that would look good on me and usually after trying around 50 in a shop, i leave without anything to 1 pair which Id still be feeling unsure about! This time, i chose 2 with similar shape which i know would look fine and 1 outrageous choice - the round, mirrored orange sunglasses which actually look Fantastic on me! i was pretty shocked! ahah 
Now i can't wait to use them and to shoot with them!
For now, this is it, to keep you excited, i have 2 looks going your way & a Coachella-dream post!
P.s. DO NOT forget the GIVEAWAY! Participate right NOW don't leave it till next time, you will forget (I'm more than sure) haha so go there and get as many points possible to get the super Prize!
and also: check out Emblem Eyewear on InstagramFacebook and Website!

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