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                         Head Up Watches 
is french brand born in 2014 with the idea to stand out from traditional and famous brand watches by offering an original with a decidedly urban concept.
they designed our watches and fashion accessories in an effort to get to the point. This combines three fundamental requirements : design simplicity, strong visual identity and product quality.
More than an ordinary brand, we define a particular state of mind that comes down to our slogan " Head up high and go ahead ". Through our work, we want to share this attitude and positive energy with all those who identify with this character.
Let me tell you about this SSUR brand
The brainchild of Ruslan Karablin, SSUR is a street wear label that encompasses his artistic vision and subversive ingenuity. The brand name, which is RUSS spelled backwards, gives hints of the artist's Russian heritage. Inspired by imperial art, Keith Haring and Stussy, Karablin strives to offer deeper concepts and meanings to his clothes instead of merely creating a skin-deep commercial street wear brand.
Ssur and store.ssurempirestate.com is the Offical Online Store for SSUR. Products purchased from our site is guaranteed to be authentic and of the highest quality. 

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