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Coast to Coast

Men's H&M Cashmere SweaterMen's H&M Cashmere Sweatersf2sf3sf5From the North to the South, coast to coast, my busy travel schedule has been amazing and exhausting. Whenever I’m traveling I try to remember to get out at some point, clear my head and enjoy the beauty of whatever city I may be in at that time. San Francisco was the last stop on my travel schedule. Every time I’m here I get thrown into a local like routine where it’s constant work and occasionally enjoying a dinner or two in one of the many cool and eclectic neighborhoods that lay within San Francisco.

I’ve always seen The Golden Gate Bridge from far away and thought to myself, “next time I’ll go see it.” I never did. This time I was determined. I blocked off an afternoon, put on this comfortable Uniqlo denim perfect for a hike and went for it. My friend Lisa and I hiked down to the base, sat on a rock and looked out at the bridge in all its beauty. Watching the barges pass through, every problem, thought and worry disappeared for those ten minutes. The moment was perfect. Even if you’re in your own city, get out and see its beauty – you’ll be glad you did.

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